Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gotta Serve Somebody

I'd like to say I noticed this when we ate at BW3 (i know, i know - don't even say it!) the other night while in Kent. But I was oblivious. I mean, I'll take the credit, but in reality, Denton went to go wash his hands and he reported it to me.

To my credit - who is looking five feet above the sink?

Hopefully, the wait and food prep staffs are looking up. One can hope. I do. I did.

As I am apt to do, I emailed it to Marty, my ex-boss, who enjoys a good joke or picture (or both). He laughed - via email. Then today he replied back again, saying he showed it to my man-date, Scott (who still works with my ex-boss), saying: we are both a little concerned with you taking so many pictures in the men’s room…

I replied back: Yes, I could see where it might be a concern. I had to wait longer than Larry Craig to get a shot of it.

I honestly think that threw Marty for a second....or two. And felt fairly smug with my immediate and witty reply. But hell, that's the story of my life! You all must know that by now - right?

Song by: Bob Dylan

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