Friday, July 03, 2009

Straight as the Crow Flies

I'm starting off late this morning. It's a holiday of sorts. I mean, work sees it that way since July 4th falls on a Saturday.

I planned my three-day weekend accordingly - by meeting my man-friend, Scott, for drinks. He mentioned to my bf that he hadn't talked to me in two week and figures we'd broken up. Oh, that Scott. Straight men are so queer.

Anyhoo...we planned on drinks, as we do every few weeks. Then he had to change the location since his wife was going to be out with her friends and we had to be near-by so he could drive her home. Awwww. I told him she could take the Rapid home. That wouldn't have gone over well with Mrs. Scott.

So I traipsed off to the west side for drinks. Scott wanted a Scottish pub (no pun intended), but I wasn't up for beer. I like beer, but lately it has not been liking me. And he was going for the scotch - which is never on my menu. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), he acquiesced to a wine bar near where his wife would be. As it turns out, it was right next door to where his wife and her friends would be.

Scott and I only got a little bit of alone time before part of their group wandered over and joined us. Overall, I didn't care. Camilla liked me and thought I was funny - which I am. Her beau, David, was nice, and I wasn't 100% sure he was straight, but that's for them to figure out between them. Maybe he's just gay acting friendly. ...and then there was the twice divorced, drunk 48 year old. Umm.......that was fun. Not!

Seeing my ring, the divorcee asked about my wife. I go "wife???". Scott and Mrs. Scott laughed and laughed. Apparently I'm not as gay acting as I thought. Or she was just lit. Maybe a bit of both.

Even though there were three guys and three girls, after a bit, I clearly felt out of the loop. Party because my gaydom, but partly because I no longer had my guy-time.

Yes, I know some of you have mentioned my so-called repressed feelings for Scott, and while I appreciate them, I really think it is just friendship. At best a bromance, but that is it. And it goes both ways.

Actually, last Sunday's NYT had an article called, I Love You, Man (as a friend). It was about - yes you guessed it - gay and straight men friendships. I thought, at first, it would be fun to share with Scott, but it gets into some territory I think both of us would be uncomfortable with.

But I did like the part about gay men liking straight guys because they are so uncomplicated. Ain't that the truth. Usually.

Before the night ended, I had consumed an entire bottle of wine on my own - and Scott did the same. We probably should have eaten something more than cheese and crackers. I swear I did not feel drunk - and I know from drunk.

Obviously, I made it home ok, but I did kind of hit the hay by 22:30 or so and slept until 07:00, which is unheard of for me. I finally got my hairy ass to the gym by 07:45 and sweated out much of the remaining alcohol, as I woke up feeling drunk.

But I only did cardio, abs and legs. I tried a single arm exercise and realized my shoulder ain't where it needs to be, though it doesn't hurt while just doing nothing anymore. Maybe it's progress.

Song by: Kim Ritchey

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