Thursday, July 02, 2009


Jenny, Jenny - who can I turn to?

Fuck, I am such an idiot sometimes.

Here I go, just yesterday, and defend that wife of Governor Sanford and now I think I figured out why he went and cheated on her.

She's a cunt! (yeah, i went there!)

Chris, from From the Left, reports that Jenny Sanford blames gay marriage and the associated decay of the institution, due to same-sex unions, for her husband's fucking around.

Which of course, is ridiculous, except for the fact that I'm still waiting for it to come out that he's being fucked by fucking a Brazilian tranny.

So, clearly she is back on the political bandwagon for him - or for some other reason that will be coming shortly. You know it will. You know it ain't over.

...for the price of a dime I can always turn to you.

a dime! It's more than either of those two are worth. combined.

Song by: Tommy Tutone


Larry Ohio said...

My husband and I used to send letters to the governor all the time telling him about our fabulous gay marriage and showing him pics of us in wedded bliss.

He obviously became insanely jealous of us and self-loathing because he is straight and has a frigid ice bitch for a wife.

I guess we finally pushed him over the edge, forcing him to travel 5000 miles for a blowjob. Score one for the gays!!

Stephen said...

I surfed over to your bog from JMG...& I am glad I did. Good Stuff.
Interesting opinions, great pics & graphics. Cool guy. Thanks, I will be back.

anne marie in philly said...

the sanfords deserve each other..what an insensitive B-I-T-C-H!

PS - word is "wifeuc" as in wife, you c*nt! describes jenny sanford perfectly in my book!