Friday, July 31, 2009

Doll Revolution

I could never say my friend Rebecca wasn't a clever, imaginative woman/artist.

You would think she's just an author, but that would be so short-sighted. She is so so much more. Apparently.

I immediately want to quote Sammy Maudlin talking about Lorna Minelli saying she's a triple threat: "she sings.....she dances and....uh.......she sings."

I've known Becca for 2+ decades (I know - right?!) and while she has sung and danced (usually after a few drinks - not that she needs those) she mainly writes. And now directs - because that's what she really wants to do. Don't they all?

She has turned in, to her agent, her second novel, Miss Blue Tip.

Nothing against her first novel (which I am proud to be part of), Nice to Come Home To, but I really enjoyed Miss Blue Tip - and I'm not even a part of this book! Yes, I got to read it already - and was able to provide feedback.

But she is anxious to get this book to drop - not that it's been picked up yet, as far as I know. It will be, of course. But until then, she's not even waiting for someone to pick up the movie/television rights. She just decided to direct, write and narrate her own video of MBT.

She also seemingly did camera work, set and costume design. The music, well, she just pulled that out of what has now got to be public domain - sorry Mr. Petty.

Anyway enjoy the video - and when it comes out (and yes, you'll hear about it here - ad nauseum), enjoy the book too.

Song by: the Bangles

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rebecca said...

Such a good publicist. And pugilist.