Sunday, July 05, 2009

Stone Soul Picnic

Yesterday was one of our neighborhood to-do's. (I tried to spell that with and without the apostrophe and neither looked correct.)

We have a few events per year - a block party, christmas carols, an open house from one of the neighbors and this fourth of July parade and picnic/bbq.

And when I say 'we', I don't mean Denton and myself - though we are happy to participate. We just have never hosted - not that we wouldn't.

So yesterday at 11:00 was the parade. I got up much earlier to make dark chocolate brownies for the picnic. I wasn't doing store-bought (they came out good too!). I left two at home for us later - as I knew I wouldn't be eating sweets that early.

Anyway, this isn't a parade the way one might think. It turns out to be a neighborhood stroll that ends up at an old mansion which is now an assisted-living facility. It just gets the old folks out enough to see the kids on bikes and being pulled in wagons. Oh, and the dogs. Everyone brings their dogs along.

Oh - isn't Travis just one of the cutest nine week old puppies? He's a miniature labradoodle.

Before the parade there is a Bloody Mary station. I tried to beg off saying I had enough alcohol for the weekend. When a virgin was offered, I finally had to cop to the fact that it wasn't the vodka I don't mind. I just do not like tomato juice. I know - I'm a freak.

After the parade and old-folks stop, I walked home to get our brownies. Then it was off to the picnic. Nice folks, and simple fare. There are only seven known gays in the 'hood (including us) and we're all pretty unassuming, though we did have a 100% show rate at the event! Yay us!

By unassuming, I mean we didn't bring any frilly foods or desserts. Hell, the main course was kosher hot dogs. And while I'm not a hot dog fan by any means, these were pretty damn good. The hostess and I talked about them - a friend of hers brings them from lord knows where, but neither of us were sure if it was just the day or the dogs themselves that made them so good.

The sun was beating down - the first time it appeared all week, so we only stayed about 90 minutes and then made our way home for a mid-afternoon nap.

I'll be honest - we do not venture out for fireworks. If we see them from home or wherever, that's fine. But to be subjected to a soundtrack of Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood to go with the display is too much for me to handle. I'm fine with "patriotic", but that is just some over the top shit for me.

Overall, it has been a good weekend. I hope everyone had a fun holiday.

Song by: the Fifth Dimension


cb said...

"Gawd Blesssss, the U.S.AAAAAAAAAAY!"

Birdie said...

Your day sounds grand. It rained all day here in St. Louis, where I'm visiting family.

In spite of appearances, your apostrophe is correct. Sometimes it is used in plurals to distinguish the "s" from the rest of the word when it would change the pronunciation without it. Most often, words are not made plural with apostrophes.

anne marie in philly said...

such disgusting crap they call "music"...makes me wanna hurl!

I can sit on my sunporch and watch the fireworks in my town. no driving, no rug rats, no shitty adults, no bugs BUT wine and air conditioning and being nekked.

now THAT'S the way to celebrate independence!