Thursday, February 15, 2024

First Down

It seems weird to have little (read: nothing) to say. 

Politics?  Meh. 

Super Bowl?  Double Meh.  

Post Super Bowl Shooting?  Fuck. 

I mean, it was a painful game to watch for sure. Teams that good shouldn't have so many turnovers. For your sports adverse folks, turnovers in football are not pastry desserts. 

Usher looked good, but either the sound was totally fucked up, or......maybe he just really can't sing. To be fair, it's tough to screw up his song "Yeah".  I think, like the title, the tune has one word.  One!

BLOTUS had the balls to say it would be"disloyal" for Taylor Swift to endorsed Pappy Joe. 

WTF.  He's claiming he passed (read: signed....did nothing to craft) a bill for musical artists and she owes all her fortunes because of him. 


Of course, he's not so silently blowing the whistle to his comrades to turn on her. I mentioned weeks ago (or less), that the GOP is truly afraid of this woman. It's bad enough one person could topple a political party, but a GIRL???????

The timing isn't right yet, but yeah, she's gonna have to come out not for Biden but against BLOTUS. It will be a timing issue, I believe. 

I also need BLOTUS to die.  

I've said before it can't be anything but natural causes so he's not made a martyr. We are past that now. It no longer matters - conspiracies will take over no matter what, but if it keeps him from office again, faux-martyrdom is a price I'm willing to accept. 

As for the shooting - it's all very new, but since they "caught the guys" and didn't "kill the guys", I'm guessing they're white. 

200 officers on site and multiple folks shot in broad daylight. Many (most? all?) were kids. Hell, these guys don't even have to seek out schools anymore. The kids are coming to them to get shot. 

But here's the sad sad fact. Had Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce been shot or killed, Kansas City - MO and KS - would be pushing for stricter gun laws.  .......but since it's just kids.......they'll let it slide. 


Song by: Fatboy Slim


Travel said...

We have a gun problem in this country.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Taylor will have people Strategizing on this. I believe she will full on endorse. I’m surprised , that fans of the same team shoot each other. Truly, a new low.