Thursday, February 08, 2024


Once again, or still, I'm over the news and world events and politics. And even the Grammys. Maybe especially. 

The GOP and their failures to even set up the Dems for 2024 is a little astonishing. Their failure to impeach anything is humourous. But when they fail, they usually come back harder and meaner, if possible. 

I am kind of surprised they can impeach a Senate (not House) approved Chair. Or is it just all for show even if they could get the votes?  Does it mean anything, really? 

The dismantling of a workable immigration plan just to make the current administration look bad is just sad. Sadder is, should it (have) work(ed), I'd like to think any debate moderator and any newspaper editor could bring it up at Primary and General Election time. 

Of course, not only will they not do that, voters hear / believe what they want to - on both side of the aisle. I'd state more on the GOP side, but I don't have anything to really back that up - unless you use Kentucky as a perfect example. 

They are heavily Republican and the biggest user of social programs for the poor and have two Republican senators who vote against their interests and needs - and they keep electing them. They see "others" as the problem. Moscow Mitch has been their senator for 36+ years and yet the poor are still poor and hungry. 

It's nice to know the appeals court(s) side with the DOJ on BLOTUS' immunity. But that is a set-up for SCOTUS who refused to hear the case when the DOJ requested it months ago. Now it has to go there (presumably) - to be voted on by three BLOTUS appointees.  .....and you know they won't recuse themselves.  Fuckers. 

And then the Grammys.  Everyone's talking Tracy Chapman - and good for her that she achieved the #1 and 2 downloads on Apple Music; along with the #1 song - 36 years later. I had the opportunity to see her open for 10,000 Maniacs before her debut disk even was released. It was something!

But no, I'm talking fucking Jay-Z.  

Somehow he equates his wife having more Grammys than anyone (seriously, how did THAT happen), but bemoaning she didn't get Album of the Year. if having more automatically entitles you to more. This is a woman who covered "White Christmas" and attempted to get songwriting credit on it. 

He blames the Grammys, when he should be blaming the voters - who are recording artists. Well Mr Z, if they didn't think she was the best, taking it up with them, not the Grammys governing body. And as recording artists, maybe give them the credit to say they know their craft and what they think might be good. Or better. 

And like Kanye who did this to Taylor Swift and someone from the Wu Tang Clan did it years before to Shawn Colvin. Basically shitting over other people's triumphs - live! - to make your statement on how the others aren't good enough. 

Like the GOP, you're sore losers. It's not enough to have about $3 BILLION dollars between Jay-Z and his wife, and more Grammys than anyone else - it just has to be more !  

And if you're doing what you're doing for awards, you are no longer artists. You're only worried about your brand, not your art. 

I liked Dua Lipa's opening though. 

Song by: Grateful Dead

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Jay Z , probably trying to rectify some indiscretion to his wife . He has never been a favorite for me. I don’t absolutely adore Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, I will say Taylor seems to work her ass off for everything she gets and Beyoncé seems a perpetual victim.