Friday, February 09, 2024

the New OK

I know I should be more worried about climate change. In my lifetime, the damage is done. There is no overcorrecting that is going to see any impact on what time I still have left on Earth. 

But you know, it was 63° F yesterday.  In February. In Cleveland!

There is zero chance of Lake Erie freezing over this year. Or any of the Great Lakes for that matter. Zero. 

Still - 63. 

I broke Shep out of daycare early. Dressed in running shorts and a t-shirt (me, not him), we took a hike, though the temps had plummeted to 60. It felt chillier in the shade, but in the sun it was great. I was planning on a smaller hike, but we did a much larger one because.....warmth!

No doubt we will have colder weather, but we are about halfway through "winter" with one bad snow and a few sub-zero days. 

We're not closer to solving climate change - clearly - so for now I'll enjoy what I can. 

Song by: Drive-By Truckers


James Dwight Williamson said...

TMI I wear grey Fleece shorts commando year round . Glad Shep got extra daddy time

Travel said...

Time to start the Cleveland palm tree garden center.