Thursday, February 01, 2024


Ugh - this country. The U.S. that is. 

I get that everyone isn't from here, but even I have to believe that anything Taylor Swift related is global news. Whatever you think of her as a musician, she's a cunning (no 't') business woman.  ...and she knows how to work social media. 

Her bf, Travis Kelce does too. I believe he and his brother have the #1 podcast with New Heights. I know Travis and Jason are from my town, but they are fucking hilarious. It's fun to watch that shit. 

But OMFG - the GOP. 

Besides the paranoia of the rigged NFL shit, but that the republican snowflakes (yes, they are actually the ones who are über sensitive, not the liberal folks) are allegedly planning some kind of counter-attack due to Kelce and Swift. Something that hasn't even happened.

This. Is. Brilliant. 

Seriously. On so many levels. 

In a land of 342 million people (161-168 million registered voters), the GOP is so seemingly incredibly fragile that two people - 2 !!!!!! - can take down a political party that has been in place for over 200 years. 

Should that be the case - and it might be - then the GOP should be scared as fuck. 

Me?  I'm hopeful as fuck. 

Yes. Me !!!   I just typed that. 

Backfired. My man, your plan backfired in your face. 

Swift has the financial means to purchase every single ad slot for the Super Bowl with just the interest on what she makes annually. Can you imagine if each and every ad was her singing about Pappy Joe while riding the Bud Light Clydesdales while holding boxes of Plan B?  

You think men of this country were melting down over seeing 42 seconds (!!) of her during a 3+ hour play-off, just think of chaos that would happen? 

Swift has personally been responsible for making the NFL / Kansas City Chiefs and additional $331 million during this last regular season. That's a lot of money to me and you. It is a drop in the bucket to the $16.8 BILLION the NFL rakes in annually - but it's more than a blip, considering it was an untapped female market. 

Let's be honest - no one is fucking with the half-time show, and I don't even know who is performing. If Kelce does anything during the game not football related it will be to propose to Swift. That alone will send the GOP screaming, though I'm not sure why. I thought they were for traditional marriage. 

Who doesn't appreciate a good conspiracy theory this guy is toting around?

But I love how this X'er in the image attempts to debase Kelce for being three years later. And yes, Kelce is a spokesperson for Covid vaccinations. And you know this dipshit twatter has been vaccinated too. Why is there such pride in promoting others to die due to non-vaccination?  Maybe his biggest concern is that Kelce won't die due to it. 

Still, there is chatter about a counter-offensive should any of the predicted happens. Except, they're not going to develop a plan and not launch it - even if Swift stays in Japan and doesn't attend. The GOP is basically the premature ejaculators for the political party system. 

I mean, they can't abort their own baby............can they? Maybe they will...............if it's not viable. 

Song by: Debbie Harry


Travel said...

Some of these people need to get a grip on reality, or medication.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Usher is performing , I hope she crushes them and Travis helps!