Saturday, February 24, 2024

We Don't Get Along

Covid is going well.  I guess. I

'm almost completely asymptomatic. I can't say for that for the rest of the household. Since we are at home all week, Shep got a reprieve from daycare, so he's been home all week. He's had LOTS of long walks, but no car rides, of which is not amused.  

He's had a few singular barks, which tells us that "someone" (psssst. Simon) has invaded his personal space. 

Things I'm finding are weird. When Sophie was the one here first, Shep never snapped at her. Now that he's the oldest, he's exerting that discipline. It's kind of fun to watch and figure out the dynamics.  And 90% of them time, there is no fighting. 

But......on with the pics. 

Usually a safe distance. Simon has been spending more and more time with the pack. 

Shep overlooking Horseshoe Lake. 
.....yes, that used to be a lake. Lots of politics behind whether it should be again. 

"Are YOU the keymaster.......?"

Bailey and her detritus. 

Walk with no one around. 

Simon's and my relationship in one image. 

Co-existing.  Kind of. 

Song by: the Go-Go's 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Always delightful

Old Lurker said...

I am glad that your COVID has been mild, and that you took Travel Penguin's advice and have been isolating. I hope the other members of your household heal up well.

Travel said...

This is practice for life after earning a living, it is nice to be around the house.

Ur-spo said...

It is good to co-exist