Saturday, February 17, 2024


Super Bowl.  Valentine's Day. It was a big week. But still had time for a few snaps of some furry friends. 

Big Boy.

Shep was really into the Puppy Bowl. 
We had to turn it, afraid he'd do something to / at the tv. 

I took a post-run nap and found out someone joined me sometime during. 
I loved that. 

Madison.  Such a love, she is. 

Big LAZY boy.  He found the sun. 

My precious Valentine. 

Let's just say there was some preemptive growling going on here. 
Simon does not know the first dog rule: let sleeping dogs lie. 

Song by: the Smiths


Old Lurker said...

Oh that Puppy Bowl pic! I hope you recorded the event on your VHS player for later.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I think Blobby has a favorite. Simon was such an excellent save ! He looks like he could be a chonk, someday.

Travel said...

Thanks, I needed this post this morning, cat naps and sleeping with dogs.

Happyman said...

Your guys are looking good. Simon might need that bed in the next larger size.