Friday, February 02, 2024


My training group started back up this last Tuesday. 

This is different than my old man running group (which really isn't all men, though mostly).

Both have their advantages, of course, but both are very different in nature. Just by the name - one is for training, one is just for running.........and the bakery. 

With the latter, they run just to run. Since most are older than myself - some in the group for over 30 years now! - they are done with races. Most of them, not all. But no one - save one? - is training for a marathon, or even a half. 

The training group - that is that they are training for, half and / or full marathons that are set for the spring. There are other training groups for 5-10k races that will start in a few weeks. 

Yes, no secrets this go round, I'm still training for full and half marathons, even if I don't know which ones they be just yet, though I've signed up for Cleveland full marathon this year. Last it was the half.

I've also already signed up for a 5k, a half of a half marathon and a 10 miler so far. While running doesn't have to be an expensive sport, you can certainly make it one. I have.

Tuesday's run seemed tough for me. I couldn't find my breath. And this crowd is faster and I think there is one person older than myself in the group. The rest are 15-30 years younger.  Of course they're going to be faster. 

Unlike a year ago where I was back of the pack, this time I was in the top third. Yeah, it felt like a shitty run, but was a decent time. It felt shitty because I was pushing myself to keep up, which is kind of the point of training. I just have to keep telling myself that. 

Also unlike a year ago, I was welcomed this time. There were people who called me by my name, I'm not even sure I've ever seen before. My running wife runs with the west side group on Tuesdays. The above image is the east side group with which I participate.  I do (did?) have an east side wife kind of, but she wasn't there, and I'll have to text her to see if she's participating this session. 

Training will lessen my runs with the running group, which will bum me out, but I'll be with them every Sunday. But that's Panera day and and not the bakery day, so that sucks. 

If you remember from an earlier post, I'm also taking challenges from my running app too. Two, actually, but will only report out on one today. 

I swear originally it had running 200 miles by the end of March. It is now the end of February. 

I'm not too worried about not meeting the challenge.  This was me at the end of January. And I didn't run for a week due to "stomach issues".  In theory, I would have had 24 more miles (or more) onto that 122.75 

I mean, I'll still make it before the deadline, but my goal was to be better. As I've said: I'm very competitive with myself. 

First race is in 21 days....I think. 

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Travel said...

There was a Nike ad many years ago that read, "There is a fat man wearing my clothes, and listening to my music, and I am afraid if I ever stop running, he will catch up with me."

James Dwight Williamson said...

I like Travels comment , Enjoy.

Ur-spo said...

I admire your strength. Today I did a 5K walk and came in near last.