Monday, February 05, 2024

My Music Monday

The Pet Shop Boys have a new song.  Songs. Like if there were still physical singles, they released the A and B side of songs that are slated for their new album. 

"Loneliness" is the A side and it's ok.  I'll link it here (it's a nice video). But I found the B side, "Party in the Blitz" to be more interesting (but no real video). 

PSB have been around for over 40 years now, which is impressive. There are a number of band that have stood that test of time. Still, they've done a lot - some great, some good and some passible, but that seems legit for having 15 albums or original (mostly) music. 

710 is a bigger fan than I, but I listen. I mean, I don't care if I ever hear "West End Girls" again, but I usually don't click off the channel if it comes on. 

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