Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Site of Month

I've been seeing images of Jupiter (to your left) from the Juno spacecraft that is flying by the big-assed planet. 

They are quite amazing and impressive. 

Jupiter is one of those planets that is easy to see in the night and very early morning sky. You'd almost think it is Venus due to its brightness. 

But this SotM isn't about Jupiter, per se. Or any specific planet. Or maybe not a planet at all. 

NASA has an Astronomy Picture of the Day site. 

I'm a big fan of the stars, planets, comets and such. I think it's vital that Elon Musk colonizes Mars, and is the first person to go - and stay - there. 

Love seeing images of things from space and the cosmos. I'll be looking forward to see what they post. 

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Travel said...

I think Elon's engineers have figured out how to get him to Mars, but not how to get back,