Wednesday, February 07, 2024


It's a 'nonsense' day. 

I was going to write about running and then thought better of it. You can thank me later. 

So why not do a video clip?  Not music, just a funny vid. 

I like Judd Apatow enough, but sometimes not enough. I never bothered to see This is 40, which reprises Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as their married characters from Knocked Up.  Well, I assume they reprise them. Again, I've never seen it. 

While they were pleasant enough in Knocked Up, at least from this clip, Melissa McCarthy is the star. 

What you'll see is an improvised outtake of a scene. Gotta love that McCarthy, and the actress playing what I'm assuming is a school principal, never breaks character. 

I think I like about half of what McCarthy does. I feel I might literally be the only person who saw the Boss. But I enjoyed it and her. I liked Spy too and her character in Bridesmaids. Still, she's done a lot of crap too, so choose wisely. 

The character below seems to be closest to her Bridesmaids character. .....but it works. 

Song by: Rob Thomas


James Dwight Williamson said...

No one does an ad lib rant better than Melissa McCarthy , great start to my day thanks!

Travel said...

Another happy workplace, so glad I escaped while I am still alive.