Thursday, February 22, 2024

On Ice

My word!  Alabama's Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos are children. 

Alabama, being the bastion of the purity and sanctity of life - unless their is rope, a tree and a person of colour nearby - has paved the way for some very unprecedented  ground, I would think. 

Maybe it's been contemplated, but most likely not - actual issues regarding children and the laws that go along with them. 

Let's start with:  is putting a child in a freezer for years an ok thing?  And if so, up to what age can one do that? I'm guessing doing it to an 8 week old it's murder, so why it is ok for an egg to be frozen? 

I'll move on to an easier one: they're children. Period.  They are deductions on your taxes, no? If not, why aren't frozen embryos who the state Supreme Court ruled as children not included in this? I want to hear it directly from the IRS and the Alabama Department of Revenue.  No......go ahead, I'll wait for the answer. 

If they are already children and you try to put them into a human body, that has to be some kind of felony. Ask anyone from NAMBLA. 

For those embryos not implanted, is that considered child abandonment? Will there be trials and jail time? 

When those would-be parents die (wait! nope, they ARE parents - the Supreme Court already deemed that), do the "children" get cared for by the state for eternity and at the taxpayer's expense? 

If the freezer goes out, it is considered mass murder? 

Would these be anchor children for immigrants and refugees? 

What about Truancy laws?  None of these "kids" are showing up to school or having sex with their cousin-brother.  (I mean, it IS Alabama!)

I get you think my questions are quasi-humourous, and I wrote them that way - in a way. But these are actual ethical and legal issues, are they not?  How can these embryos be considered children in one regard and not in others?  

I honestly want answers. 

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Old Lurker said...

Every sperm is sacred.

Anonymous said...

Alabama, where liquid nitrogen is used to preserve life and gaseous nitrogen is used to end it.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Stupider and Stupider!

Travel said...

Child support . . . it costs money to keep things frozen for years. Custody, who get the frozen kids in a divorce? Visitation, can grandma demand quality time with the zygotes?

This will be the end of IVF in that state. Couples having difficulty conceiving will have to go childless or leave the state, because the process often produces more fertilized eggs than are practical to implant, not all women want to be octomom.

VoenixRising said...

Just when you think republicans can't go any lower...they pull out a shoven and keep on digging.