Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Love Shack

One would think I'd have learned my lesson. 

You're probably thinking 'which lesson?', as I forget the past so often on so many things. 

When my mom died, I went to the app, Let Go to well, let go of some of her stuff. For free, I might add.  It did not go well

We tried again when we moved from our old house. 

Not only was it more of the same, but in the middle, Let Go got bought out by something called Offer Up and all of my postings went away, with them telling me to re-enter everything. I tossed shit in the trash instead. 

But as we got ready to redo the backyard, 710 wanted the Rubbermaid shed gone. I could take it or leave it, alas, he could not. It was offered to a niece, but they didn't want it. So, Offer Up, it went. 

I did some research, but not a ton.  Bought new, these things run $999.99.  I thought $300 was a reasonable price for someone to haul it away. My research didn't extend for what others might be selling the same product. 

I posted pics of it in the current state. I posted a diagram from Rubbermaid that had ALL the dimensions. I posted a pic from Gooooooogle Shopping that showed the retail value.  Like everything else - I stated clearly, 'no delivery' 'bring others to move it'.   Blobby isn't into moving this crap too. 

......and then the loons came out. 

The lowballer:  I'll give you $100 for it. 
The unable to read:  when can you deliver it?
The passive-aggressive guy: what is the lowest you'll go. 
The uncommited: let me think about it and I'll get back to you
The no GPS: how long does it take me to get there from 130th? They neglected to say E or W. 
The creep: can you just give me your address?   (no offer to buy a thing - so......no)

As we had to get ready for the landscapers and the thing wouldn't fit down the driveway without breaking it down, 710 took it apart and expertly bagged all the parts and downloaded and printed off the assembly instructions for whomever would buy it. 

I took a picture and posted it in it's deconstructed state. 

"I have to come out and see it first".   Um....there is nothing to see. Slaps leaning up against a garage wall. 

But one man - no quibbling about price. Said if he left now he's be there in 47 minutes. And he was......to the minute. With cash. The full amount. 

Sure, he's probably going resell it for twice what I sold it, but it's not my problem nor is it languishing at the house. 

With the app, you mark it as sold and rate the buyer.  It also notifies anyone who was in the big process. 

.....and then the loons came out. 

Instead of just 'letting go', they piled on.  I was vilified for selling to another, apparently. I so wanted to respond, but realized this isn't the Seinfeld message board back in 1992 where 'flame wars' would break out. 

So, I just stashed the 300 big ones and shut down the app. 

Song by: the B-52's


James Dwight Williamson said...

710 could you please come to our house on a consulting basis , probably about two weeks. I’ll split the proceeds 50 50. Must love big dogs and reluctant 89 year old mothers. Plus I’ll pay airfare if you dare. Congratulations Blobby, never question the motives of someone who pays full price in cash.

The Cool Cookie said...

As I learned with my mother's unsentimental possessions, something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. Now the sentimental things? There isn't enough money for a 1920s tin of stocking thread that belonged to my great-grandmother.

CALVIN said...

This about sums up the American public. I had to rent out a small, (9 x 13) sleeping room in a very desirable neighborhood a couple of months ago. A sleeping room is a room with a small bathroom and no kitchen. It's a luxury SRO. The Loons came calling with 30 seconds of listing it. The ad said that you must attend the Open House and listed the times as well as all other info.

Reading for comprehension is not my target market's strong suit. In 2 days I had 300 emails pleading for the unit, all with a reason why they should be the exemption to any of the residency requirements. At Open House exactly 2 people showed up and only 1 applied. Guess who got it! And yet the emails continued even after the listing was removed. Finally had to delete both Zillow & Apts.com. Both are horrible to navigate and poorly run sites.

Good luck with the redo and more Sophie shots on Caturdays.