Friday, July 16, 2021

Site of the Month

This is brought to you via my friends. 

Rebecca got it and passed it along. It's like a more adult version of NonSequitur, which we used to play while drinking.  The idea is to go around the room and one person says a word, with following folks saying the farthest thing from it. 

Players can be challenged. So if you said 'snow' and the next person said, 'hiking', you could make a case for taking a hike in a snowy area.  I've said before, the one that stopped us dead in our tracks - and holding our guts - was Becky saying 'labyrinth' and Morty IMMEDIATELY coming back with 'pork'. 

We use it till this day. 

So, there is an on-line version, or something like it.  You play against yourself (basically) and against all who take also do the test (statistically). 

YOU have to pick 10 works that least interact. It is tougher than you think.

Not bad. I thought.  .....and it wasn't. 

Average score is 78.  I did 10 better than that.  10.51 better, to be exact. 

Marmalade was a BIG winner. Though I'm not sure how 'burlap / marmalade' and 'bicycle / marmalade' got lower scores. I suppose I could have ridden my bike to get some......or ride it through some jam. I dunno. 

Here are more rules / explanations. 

All I know is I beat Becky by 3 winner winner, chicken dinner. 

You can play the Divergent Association test here. 

Tell me how you scored. 

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Ur-spo said...

I got a score of 90%, apparently higher than 96% of those who completed the task. I guess my panache for collecting fancy and fustian words paid off.
Interesting, four of my words had to be changed as they were not accepted as proper words, when they are.