Tuesday, July 20, 2021


It's alive.  ALIVE!!!!!!!

You must say it like Frankenstein or even Young Frunkenshtein

I know you've been all on the edge of your seats, but Hubble is back. 

After more than a month in safe mode, engineers (choo choo!!) got a glitch in some protection circuit fixed and things are back up and running. 

As of yesterday, the telescope is even sending back pictures. Naturally, it's of three-armed spiral galaxy ARP-MADORE0002-503 and ARP-MADORE2115-273.   Those two are such photo whores. All over Instagram, I'm sure. 

Glad we have this back and operational. Let's see what it brings us before that new alleged telescope launches later this year. 

Song by: Pearl Jam


James Dwight Williamson said...

I’m extremely pleased too. I love any telescope. I thought the most exotic new one launched in 2025? Don’t worry , I’ve been wrong before. Thanks for the upbeat news. I appreciate your posts.

Raybeard said...

Yes, I read about this good news on the BBC News website. Terrific stuff. Now we can prepare to have our breaths taken away again - and again.