Monday, July 05, 2021

My Music Monday

I think I'll attempt a theme this month.  It's been a while. 

I'm trying to think of a good way to phrase the theme.

Second Banana?  Lesser Than? 

Members of bands who have done their own thing outside the realm of their bigger, more established, band.......while still in the band. 

And not them have the primary focal point of said band.  No Phil Collins. No Stevie Nicks.  No Don Henley.  You get the idea. I think. I am not even sure I have the right idea. Or that I can stretch it for four weeks. 

I guess we shall see. 

First up: Martin Gore from Depeche Mode. After Vince Clark left, he was kind of the one left holding the bag to make it work. David Gahan is the voice, but for a long time, Gore wrote the songs and was the musical director for the band. 

In 1989 he came out with his first EP, and none of the tracks were written by him. An interesting concept on its own. 

At the time I was, and still am, drawn to its first single release: "Compulsion".  

Any number of artists have recorded the Joe Crow (I have zero idea who he is / was) song, and I honestly cannot tell if they were done before or after Gore. I mean - I suppose I could research it, but it is nothing that is tugging at me as a need. 

With just a synth and drum machine 32 years later I still like the song, production and performance.

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