Wednesday, July 07, 2021


I know next to nothing about Britney Spears - and I'm ok with that. 

The whole "leave Britney alone!" youtube video from a decade (or two?) ago seemed laughable - and it is, but........her life is kind of fucked up. 

While I didn't hear her address to a court over her conservatorship a few weeks back, I read snippets of the transcript, as it made every paper - NYT and WP included. . 

Granted, she didn't run her statements by her attorney - and now I get why not. But she should have run it past someone she could trust, if that person exists. She needed an editor, for sure. 

Just in words alone, she sounds.......not all there. 

I get there are nerves, and anxiety that goes with her trying to get her life back, but she comes across as inept, or maybe - and isn't really a stretch, and not meant to be mean - uneducated. 

I mean, what life experience does a child star actually have?  Little to none, I suppose. So she came across as a Louisiana rube.  

But in yesterday's New Yorker, Ronan Farrow has a lengthy piece on her and her legal nightmare. 

If only 10% of what Farrow writes is true (and you know that's probably not the case, with his attention to every detail), the people who control her life - which Spear's literally and figuratively pays for - is nothing short of fucked up.  It was disturbing to read. 

Honestly, if this were a Lifetime movie and not a fact was changed other than names and a profession, you wouldn't believe any of it for two seconds. 

If you can separate your potential dislike or uncaring of Spears, take a read at the above hyperlink. It's quite shocking what a few attorneys, consultants, one psychiatrist and a judge can do to literally ruin your life - and where you have zero recourse. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Never bought any merchandise from her , or music. She does appear uneducated , in her transcript. It is a travesty what has been done to her, I don’t think she is in a crash and burn place. I think she will do OK if given her freedom! Her father is a pig. Since Britney was 17 years old she has earned 670 million dollars, somewhere between 59 and 69 million remains. There must be a better way for her to live her life , free from her father .

Ur-spo said...

oh the horror; oh the pain.