Saturday, July 03, 2021

True Colors

The work week was rough, I cannot deny it. I am happy it is over, and I usually don't feel that way about work per se.  Actually, I left work early by about two hours yesterday. Sure, I had already put in 60+ hours, but.....

But let's forget all that.  Pet pics!

Soph loves loves loves the new kitchen rug. 

Our first trip to the Chagrin River this season. He chillaxed. 

Three brothers at Bow Wow Beach. 

Shep sizing up; and being sized up. 

Lord.  He is my dog. Always being picked last. 

See what I mean.  It's her colouring. 

Song by: Cyndi Lauper


James Dwight Williamson said...

Sophie, #1 She looks so Regal . Shep, laying in the water, although last child picked is heart breaking. I think he’s a family man , and the rest of those guys are suck ups.

Bob said...


Anonymous said...

She looks great on the rug.

Raybeard said...

Must be such a consolation knowing that when you get back home after work there will be these two, at least one of them greeting you as if you'd been gone a year or more.

Dith said...

Shep is very intelligently staying in the shade, not worried about what anyone thinks.