Monday, July 19, 2021

My Music Monday

Second Banana is the theme of the month. 

When it comes to the Go-Go's, most people I would assume thinks of Belinda Carlisle, as she is the singer and center person. 

But most of the songs were written by Jane Wiedlin and / or Charlotte Caffey. And really, how good is a band without a decent song? 

Near the end of the band's heyday, Wiedlin was upset at not being able to sing lead vocal on her song "Forget the Day" from the disk Talk Show. Caffey was a full-blown heroin addict. While the disk didn't tank there are a number of forgettable songs on there. And it was better than Vacation

Both writers went onto other projects (besides rehab) - Wiedlin with a song from Spark ("Cool Places") and two solo disks, which I bought (that's on me!) - that brought the semi-hits "Rush Hour" and "Blue Kiss" and very little else. She was also in the movie Clue, as a person who delivered a singing telegram. 

As it turns out maybe Jane didn't get lead on the Go-Go's vocal because......well, the voice. It's just a bit too helium. For a song here and there it's fine. For full albums.......again.......that was on me. 

Caffey's post Go-Go's career was more about songwriting than performing, though her immediate follow-up was another all girl band, the Graces, that included Meredith Brooks (who sang that horribly overplayed song, "Bitch" five years later). 

The Graces had one disk in 1992 called Perfect View.  One so-so disk, though the opening and initial release, "Lay Down Your Arms" was strong.......and featured here. Carlisle would use this song on a later disk, as well as another, "Should I Let You In". 

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