Sunday, July 11, 2021

Delta Machine

20,000 x 4. 

That is 80,000 new cases of the Covid Variant D in four days. More than 20,000 each of those consecutive four days. In the U.S. 

We are back to May 2021 numbers. Extrapolate that, at that rate, for a month if you will. Should this continue - that's about 620,000 new cases. That can't be good. 

Vaccination rates have plateaued long ago. BLOTUS states are extremely low. There is even a map to say that the states Biden won have the best vaccination 

Masks are off - at least in Ohio.  Everything is totally opened - at least in Ohio. 

What could go wrong?

We still haven't ventured out much, save for me in Provincetown. We still haven't seen local friends, gone to a restaurant or movie. I still don't feel the need and wonder if 16 months of self-isolating has led to a what time is left of isolating. 

Now, according to Pfizer and Moderna (maybe J&J?), the vaccines should work against the Delta variant, but I think that isn't quiet as well known. And honestly, as quickly as this variant came about - and is now the dominant disease - it doesn't like it takes much to morph this virus. 

I'm waiting to see when we really start to backtrack. I think getting people to re-mask and re-shutting down businesses are gone. That barn door is open and it was hard enough for compliance the first time. I still mask in stores and going in and out of work. I'm honestly finding it weirder not to mask. 

We will see what the next few weeks bring. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I think Bear Week , starts in Provincetown today. Hopefully they have all done as they should. I have stopped worrying. The director of the CDC was insane to remove all mask guidelines before summers end at minimum, or before the two RNA vaccines get final approval. It seems to me President Biden , thinks he can manage and juggle it all. Our masks stayed on during a 4 hour shopping personal care excursion yesterday. My mother laid the manager of our grocery wide open on their masking and social distancing. I told my mothers hairdresser of 20 years, either she finished her vaccine or , we were seeking services else where. I have no more fucks left to give, people need to do the right thing and the FDA needs to give final vaccine approval.