Thursday, August 29, 2019

Yes or No

Sometimes I just have to wonder:  do people really need to be told these poster form?

I am going on record though - they got the toilet paper roll diagram down correctly.  It should be under, not over

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anne marie in philly said...

@maddie - bwhahahahahaha!

nope, TP should be OVER, not UNDER!

Raybeard said...

W.Q. is correct - toilet roll OVER! I once had a visitor to my flat who, just before he left, retired to 'powder his nose'. After he'd gone I went in myself and, to my utter horror, found that he'd turned the toilet roll to the 'under' position. The brazen cheek! Unforgivable!

Travel said...

A community of immigrants from distant lands?

BosGuy said...

You're just trying to provoke me with that TP comment. Everyone knows it goes over not under.

Deedles said...

There's been many a time I've gone into a public restroom, well, a few times anyway, and found shoe prints on the toilet seat and pee on the floor. I figure, do your thang, but clean up after for crying in a bucket!
As for the toilet paper, I got full satisfaction a few years ago, when I looked it up. Officially, it goes OVER! Makes sense, since it is easier to pull off that way.