Monday, August 26, 2019

My Music Monday

I'm doing closing tracks this month.  The final track of side 2 - as I think all of these were originally acquired on vinyl.

I'm ending this theme with Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman".

Should you not have owned the vinyl copy or the original pressing of the Rumours CD, you might not think this the last track on the album. With the three reissues, the band included the originally discarded track, "Silver Springs".  For the most part, this song now resides as the final track of the disk.

Bollocks, I say. A good track for sure, but it fucks with the original sequence.

There are multiple takes of this song, the final one they recorded being the one they used on Rumours. Some of those other editions (I have two of those three), have some of those outtakes. They also have demos too.  Meh. I found I played most of those once and never went back to them.

I considered using the only outtake I liked here, just for a change of pace, but then opted not to. You can certainly find them on YouTube if you were that interested.

Still, I always found the track a bit mesmerizing, and thought Lindsey Buckingham's and Christine McVie's guitar and keyboard work respectively to be very good. Stevie Nicks' vocals are fairly spot on too for this song in particular.

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