Wednesday, August 07, 2019

the Tide

Let's step away from gun violence and politics at least for the day, shall we?

710 and I went on vacation last week. Back to the beach of North Carolina. Right outside Wilmington, actually.  Same place we rented last time, as we were so taken by it.

Unlike last year, we had no thunderstorms, which I loved, as they mostly happened at night. But last year was humid and we couldn't comfortably leave the doors and windows open. This year, humidity was low, so everything was open. I love going to sleep, and waking up to hearing the crash of the surf.

Beach life was a vacation for my tinnitus. I mean, night inside it was more of the same, but outside there was no notice of that constant ringing.

Unlike last year, our next door neighbors, Janet and Mike (and his areolas) weren't there. Maybe on vacation himself, or they sold after last year's hurricane.  Until the last day, we had no neighbors at all. It was quite ideal - as we didn't have to interact with anyone.

The weather was in the mid-80s. The ocean temps were about 82F.

Every morning I was up with the sun. Shortly after, I was on the beach, walking 3-4 miles, passing a few people and day after day being the same folks. The morning surfers showed up no matter how still the waters.  At the end of my walk, I went for my a.m. swim.  As I'm not a complete moron, I did it in front of our place where there were always a few people around.  Most days, 710 would be on the porch having coffee and watching me not drown.

We had our day walks too and afternoon swims. My black toe nails weren't even noticed.

Each afternoon or evening, we were on our top porch with wine and cheese, just watching the world go by as we'd kill a bottle of wine. After that - we wandered into town for dinner......and maybe another drink.

Truth be told, I took a new book with me and never turned one page. I just sat and watched beach life without once ever sitting on the actual beach.

It was as low of a key as a week that could be. It's exactly what we wanted and needed.  We had everything we'd want, except to have Shep with us.

With SPF 50 and up, you'd never know I was anywhere, but that's ok. I'm not 100% we will go back next year, but it's a high probability.  It was also lengthy discussion {again} if this is somewhere we'd retire one day.

It was a great week. I highly suggest it.

Oh yeah - I didn't do a vacation video this year.  That's my gift to you!

Song by: Lucy Kaplansky

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anne marie in philly said...

sounds surreal - nothing to do but watch the ocean and dream and be with each other. bet you were REALLY missing shep.