Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ring My Bell

As of 08:00 today, my parents house is no longer in our family. As I said the other day, it isn't an emotional hurdle.

While I thought I was through with the house a week or so ago, we had to stop by Sunday for one last thing. So, I took a few pictures and then went up to the deck to take video of one last ring of the bell.

I'm 98.7% sure I've mentioned it a few thousand blog posts ago (ok, I'm 100%, but I was being "nice"), but my parents had a bell, this bell......the above one.

Pavlovian for sure, but it would ring when one, or all, of us would have to come home. Usually it was for dinner, but now and then, it was when one of us was in trouble...........which usually just meant me.

You could hear that thing everywhere. If I were on the back 9 (we lived on a golf course), playing football in one of the fairways, I would hear it and say, "gotta go.....".   I'm not sure if anyone else ever heard it.

I have zero use for a bell that weighs a ton and we don't even have a pole where it would be mounted (hehehehe.....pole.....mount.....).  And what would I use it for?  Calling 710 home from work?  The clang goes a long way, but not 30 miles.

710 was nice for asking if I wanted it. I said 'no', but he still went back to look at it. The bolts are rusted and it's probably NEVER coming off.  So here's hoping the new owners are ok with this and know what it is for.

Unlike the stove, fridge and dishwasher, there was no instruction book for the bell to leave behind for them.

Song by: Anita Ward


Travel said...

Some things are best, left behind.

David G said...

Every family in our neighborhood had a different bell with a slightly different sound to call the kids home. Ours was a nice cowbell.

I have tried to explain how this worked to my (younger) coworkers and they look at me like I am from another dimension. I'm glad to hear that somebody else gets it.