Monday, January 22, 2018

My Music Monday

I was purposeful in titling my post on Call Me By Your Name "Love My Way".

The Psychedelic Furs song figures into the movie itself. Not heavily, not pivotally, but's there.

As we talked afterwards, David, who is my age, said, that song is from my era, but not my soundtrack. He didn't know the song or the band.  I on the other hand did. It was part of my soundtrack.

If I have a problem with the Furs, it's that some of their songs are interchangeable. You can easily sing "Pretty in Pink" into most of their songs. Still, it's hard not to listen it and not reflect on where I was in the '80s.

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CALVIN said...

One of my favorite groups from the 80s. You are right though, aren't you always, that their songs bleed into one another. More Sophie Smut!!