Monday, July 31, 2017

My Music Monday

I'm thinking for August, I'd do a 'guilty pleasure' theme. It was one i could never quite sell Erik on.

I think it's why he basically quit blogging.

Now that I think of it, I'm sure it is.

For sure, they might be 'guilty' pleasures, but in reality, they're probably just embarrassing to a degree. I mean, this could all go south very very quickly.

I'll start off with "Cool Kids" by Echosmith.

If PR is to be believed - and it isn't - the group of siblings was influenced by Echo and the Bunnymen and the Smiths.

It's a nice idea, but I don't hear that anywhere. I'm assuming they where band their father liked, as he is the co-songwriter on most of the album's tracks.

The problem with the song:  it's catchy.

"Cool Kids" is at least three years old. I think I heard it about two years ago while in New York. I'm guessing it's somewhat popular (or was), as the official label video (below) has 82 million hits, and their original web video has another 28 million. Someone other than the breakfast area at the Mid-Town Residence Inn by Marriott has been playing this song.

Echosmith is a real life Partridge Family. Allegedly, they play all their own instruments and most of the are well-versed in multiple ones. I gotta respect that.

The lead singer - the sister; the chick - has an Anna Kendrick vibe.  Kendrick is a different guilty pleasure I have. But that would be for another post.


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