Monday, July 10, 2017

My Music Monday

When the Civil Wars broke up a few years back, it took a little time for either John Paul White or Joy Williams to get back in the game as solo artists.

Williams showed up first, with a disk called Venus, that was very meh. It was more electronic, which I would say isn't her strong suit. Thank jebus, I checked it out of the liberry and didn't part with my cash for it.

And the suits must have known it too fairly early on, as many tracks were re-recorded in an acoustic manner.

As it turns out, she's made a bigger splash covering a Chainsmokers song for an insurance company television ad.

I know - you're saying a 'big splash' with a commercial?

Back in the day, I was an avid reader of Billboard. Not as much with electronic and fee based model, but the physical magazine.  I was always just as interested in the business aspect as I was the music one. Back then, how one charted was fairly clear:  Sales and / or Airplay - depending on the chart.

Now there are ways to chart by streaming, YouTube plays, and other media outlets......such as ads. Williams actually charted due to the ad being played and free downloads of the song.

I have heard about the Chainsmokers than I have actually know their music, though in the periphery I have heard "Don't Let Me Down", the song Williams covers for that insurance company.

While it seems harsh to pigeonhole her style, if Venus was a test balloon, it failed, and her acoustic fare is more to her fan base. Maybe electronic-style is not quite the way to branch off. The thing with Williams and Civil Wars, they'd take a fresh spin with their covers, be it Michael Jackson, Etta James, Janis Joplin or the Smashing Pumpkins. Williams can still stretch the boundaries here with a dance song and take it down to 4/4 time.

It works.

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