Monday, July 03, 2017

My Music Monday

I might be running out of "new" music shortly, but I can always go to "recent" selections, as that is vague enough on any level.  It's all relative.

I saw that the "other Brett" posted a new song by Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson on FB, but I forgot to go back to listen to it. Then I saw that Blondie and Garbage were doing some dates together and someone interviewed both Harry and Manson and they brought up the song and potentially trying it in concert.

This might be difficult to do.

Yes, Harry and Manson appear on "Tehran 1979" from some tv show of which I've never heard, but in reality it is: David Reitzell feat Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson. So basically, it's a DJ who can do the music but needs a vocalist - potentially a famous one - to actually bring the song to life.

That sounds like I'm saying DJs aren't real talent - and they can be, but you cans slap a pair of cans on their ears and poof - it makes them famous. Not everyone is David Guetta.

Anyway, I say the song might be difficult to do live as it is a lot of studio-processed music not easily reproduced in a live setting.

I don't mind the music at all - though it's not horribly original. I hear Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" ....and by association, Madonna's "Future Lovers" .....throughout the entire song.

Harry's vocals are interesting....even good. Almost better than anything she's done on the last Blondie disk - and get this, her entire vocal is about 23 seconds long. And no, I'm not kidding.

It's unfortunate that Manson is relegated to backing vocals..........very backing. Honestly, if her name was not on the banner, I wouldn't know it was she.

It is a groovy groove.......but it left me wanting more. Not necessarily more of it, but more from it.

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(the other) Brett said...

You know....I initially REALLY liked this song, but the more I listened to it, it was just too light or superficial. It's off my playlist now as I just wanted something with more meat and depth (from a musical sense, that is).

What has been heavy in my rotation the last few weeks is Jimmy Somerville's Homage remix album. Really loving it - much more so than the original versions.