Saturday, August 08, 2015

Gang of One

Just a few pics from a week ago. Three-Fifths of them are from when we were in Columbus last weekend.

 Visiting my sister - Boomer made himself comfortable, which is just fine with me. He's a great dog. 

A veritable s(n)ausage festival:  Petey, Barkley, Ripley, Skeeter - and Logan's tail.  We visited Morty and George last weekend. Meredity (Ripley) and Rebecca (Barkely) were around too. 

Petey got to sleep in our room at Georty's house. 710 invited him onto the bed - and it was all over. 

It was his first time sleeping with us in bed. He looks WAY too comfy. 

Petey the following morning. 710 loved loved loved him in bed, pressing right up against him. Petey got out of bed about 75 minutes after we had been up - and only because we insisted. 

 Chipmunk hunt with Skeeter and Logan. 
Dogs: 0.  Chipmunk: 1.

And the lone Sophie pic - hanging with me in my office. 

We were gone for 36 hours. 
She yelled at us like we had been gone 36 weeks. 

Song by:  Bradford


wcs said...

I did a double take. Boomer's face looks similar to Callie's. Cute times 10. A close second to Petey's handsome mug. ;)

anne marie in philly said...

rut row, you have a new bedtime companion!

and of COURSE sophie gives her daddy what for - you left her all alone!

Fearsome Beard said...

Four of ours sleep with us, you can handle Petey.