Saturday, August 15, 2015

Food for the Beast

Food is the semi-theme here. But when you have a hound, it's almost always the theme. Daily. Hourly, even.

Petey, supervising my mother's grilling abilities. 

aka - hoping for something to drop. It didn't, but I might have slipped him some from the table. 

Petey supervising Boomer's undercarriage. 

Petey totally worn out from a trip to Nana's house. 

Petey the cat fud thief. 

With the basement flooding and subsequent renovation, Sophie's food and box has been moved upstairs. On a daily basis, Mr. Pete somehow sneaks upstairs (and then back down), after cleaning her bowl. 

I finally caught him in the act - after the fact. 

It wasn't the best Sophie pic week. But I do love how she's comfortable enough to lie in the middle of a room. Dog and dads walking around her or over her. She's not afraid of a thing. 

Song by: Nina Persson


anne marie in philly said...

how cats have the ability to zonk out anywhere is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

I want to eat lunch at your place today.

Ur-spo said...

It always makes me smile to see your pets a-snoozing.

Erik Rubright said...

It's like Sophie just got half-way across the room and decided to nap. In the manner of kittehs.