Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Warm Place

While I might be crazy, I'm not insane.  At least clinically.  Spo can possibly verify this for my readership.

This last week, I could not get or stay warm.  Yes, this is a continual problem for me, but the thermostat seemed to confirm this wasn't just a 'me' issue.

710's first thought was I was just being a freeze baby.  But when it couldn't get over a certain degree in the house, he assumed when the plumbers were here they didn't refill the radiators fully. Not that we got around to doing that.

So on Thursday, when the temps inside the house were in the 50s, I knew I wasn't nuts.

710 went downstairs to look at the furnace and while the pilot was on, something wasn't kicking in.  Or on. But by this time it was 20:30 and we weren't calling someone to come out at an inflated rate.  (have I mentioned I'm cheap?)

Gerry, our normal plumber, was here yesterday to take a look. He's a great guy. He fixed the problem in less than an hour. Or modified the fix.

The damper is broken and while he could replace it and will get us a quote, he suggests we leave it as is. The damper is supposed to be for energy savings and he claims that is about 1% savings. He also claims that in the first service call for it, wipes out any savings there might have been. Hey, after spending a small fortune on a renovation, I'm not looking for things to buy that we don't absolutely have to have.

As I worked into the afternoon, my office got almost too hot. I had a space heater going to stave off the cold and Sophie was with me. She's not thrilled about being in the office as much, but she liked the heat. Her built in fur coat wasn't helping much downstairs - and she is all about the warmth.

So is her dad.

Song by: Nine Inch Nails


Birdie said...

So where are the kitty pics?

Ur-spo said...

I would like to send you plenty, of heat.

Wonder Man said...

lol, Ur-spo