Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Site of the Month

I should have known this would get out sooner than later, but timing is everything. ...and I missed my window.

I had to wait until April, because March's SotM was already taken....and then I had My Music Monday...and blah blah blah.  My hackles went up when Ditto posted this on her FB page on Sunday.

It wasn't supposed to happen that way!!!

But I can't stop it now - the horse is out of the barn. I can only just now play tag-along with everyone.

You know I'm a fan of Downton Abbey - so it only stands to reason there'd be parodies sooner than later - and I'm actually surprised at the lateness of one.

The name is actually better than the execution, but I still thought it was funny and had much much better potential.  ...and who doesn't love Richard Kind and Matt Walsh?

I bring you Downton Arby's

Ok, technically, it's not a "site", but you'll all live. I play hard and fast with my own rules. ...and maybe some of you have see the original series to get the parody, but not bloodly likely.

...and in my every day life, I use the Sinpsons to make fun of Arbys.  It just seems right. I'll set the scene: in an episode the kids of Springfield Elementary are stuck on an island in a Lord of the Flies type existence.


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Eric Arvin said...

This has nothing to do with the post, but you have fantastic taste in music (judging by the list on this blog).