Monday, April 09, 2012

My Music Monday

I'll be honest.  I don't own the song.  I don't plan on owning the song. I've never owned an OK Go album or downloaded any individual recording.

Their music is fine, but in my mind it is created more so to do a cool-ass video. I'm sure there were groups like that in the heyday of MTV, but no one has been quite as consistent as OK Go.

If you Gooooogle their name in YouTube you'll get any number of expertly done videos of their songs. The music is truly background as you stay more in the moment for the visual.

While "Here We Go Again" still remains one of my favourites, mostly because there are zero edits in it and it was all done in one take. Well, maybe not in one take, as I'm sure there were failed attempts, but they didn't splice together the best takes to make one video. Impressive by any means.

"Skyscraper", which is seen here, has many edits. One dance, but many different costume and location changes.  I've watched it a few times and really like it.

The song makes ok background music until about two-thirds of the way in.  It is one of the few times their music has gotten in the way of the visuals. My opinion, of course.  But it's my blog.


Erik Rubright said...

I've been an OK Go fan since "A Million Ways" came out in 2005. I'd say that was their first "video" song. I've been a fan ever since. Oddly enough, I try to not watch the videos for the most part. Mostly because my brain makes up my own videos.

I'm partial to their first two albums. The newest one was mostly "meh".

Ur-spo said...

I too enjoy their videos and their songs. I can't see to find the one on the treadmills; did they take it down?

Wonder Man said...

I like it

Anonymous said...

Great Video. Saw them in concert and it was wonderful as well.