Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fall at Your Feet

I am an old man - or quickly becoming.  Even Jon pointed out yesterday that I sounded like Grandpa Simpson - but it is nothing I haven't called myself in this here blog numerous times over.

But becoming an old man has to work on multiple levels. Sure, there is the griping and grousing and the nonsensical way to make sure that happens.

Of course, there is the appearance. Wrinkles? check.  Lack of Hair? check. Abundance of hair in nose? check. Dentures?  ummm....not just yet.

But the biggie of all biggies is physical ailments.

I know I've mentioned my tendinitis and it continues to bother me now and again. Not as much, but my cardio is down to almost zero because of it. But I must not forsake exercise because I'm aging, right?

Yeah, I haven't gone to a doctor to get this looked at, treated or cured. I am a male in the U.S. whose thoughts of healthcare resides in these five words:  "maybe it will go away!"

While in Idaho, I work with a chiropractor who took pity on me - and he had a free hour between patients and said he'd take a look. Clearly, he did more than look.

Thank g-d, I clipped my talons toe nails before this trip.  Embarrassing!!!!

And while I have pain now and again, it is not so acute or constant as it once was, but it flares up now and again. When he looked for pressure points and did some adjustment, the pain came flooding back. It's there - hidden waiting to surface, but it's there for sure.

He did about 30 minutes of pressure and adjustment and then put some tape on me.


It can stay on for a few weeks, but we'll see if it does. You know it will rip the fucking hair out of my legs and I'll cry like a 12 year old girl. So be it. If it offers support and helps be pain free, I'll take it. It is a very weird tape though.

I can't wait to go to the gym on Friday or Saturday and strut around in it to see who says what.  I'm an attention whore a blogger - so what of it?

The chiro said now and again one treatment can have me pain free, but usually it is four. Clearly I won't be in Idaho for three more treatments, but I might have to find one closer to home. I don't know insurance will cover it, but it sounds better than orthotic inserts for my shoes - and cheaper.

...and yes, I'm all about the cheap.

Song by: Crowded House


Anonymous said...

Did he save a piece big enough for your mouth?

Birdie said...

If orthotics are the answer, put a crowbar in your wallet and get them. I'm pain-free because of them. And it only takes one visit!

Erik Rubright said...

I've worn orthotics on and off for at least 20 years. Definitely helped me a lot when I was more athletic. Now that I sit on my butt all day, not so much.

And at leat the chiro looked cute...

Anonymous said...

A good chiro can be very helpful - I know.

That tape? I've been seeing it for a few years know on tennis players - male and female - on all sorts of body parts. I'm sure other sports use it to but I don't watch them.

Ur-spo said...

Growing old; it is not for sissies.

Unknown said...

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