Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So here I am - in Boise.

Work work work - until I get home on Thursday. But on Sunday afternoon, when I got to town, I just wandered around downtown Boise.

It was a low-60, but sunny day - as you can see. I went over to the state house and lo and behold, what do I see?  Occupy Boise.

Who knew?  Not so much about the Boise piece, but these Occupy things are still up and running.  I'd say they're getting no press, but that wasn't the case when I stumbled upon them.

Oh yes, they were two dozen lazy folks sitting around smoking and listening to a girl with a guitar and a guy with an bongo....chanting - "we are the dreamers, these are the dreams".   Has Top 40 written all over it.

But when the TV camera guy showed up, everyone danced and pranced in circles.  Maybe I have a different idea of what the Occupy movement is, but it being Woodstock '12 wasn't it.

No one was protesting government, Wall St. or anything else.  So I don't know the rationale for "camping out" and sitting around.

Oh yes, I used quotes on camping - as the protesters can't actually camp there. They can leave their tents up but they can't stay overnights on the grounds. So, really it just looks like a dump.

Of course, I didn't want to get to close to their dwellings, not because I had no Purell, but because I didn't want to think I was weird. But let me tell you about the 99% - that tent there has a fucking Longaberger basket in it that had to cost a few hundred dollars. It is difficult to talk hardship with an item like that....in a tent!

The dancing, prancing and mincing that went on after the TV cameras showed up.  No, I didn't cut out too many people at the Occupy event from my picture. That is about all there were.

Oh - and the guy in the black t-shirt and shorts and no shoes?  The TV news I saw later that evening gave his name as......yeah....Rio Love.

Occupy Boise is going nowhere.  Fast.

Song by: the Lovemakers


Jonny said...

Do you realize how much you sound like Grandpa Simpson?

Cubby said...

A cynic to the bitter end.

Do baskets really cost $200? I knew I should have taken that basket weaving class with my friends senior year. Damn!

Ur-spo said...

I have heard that about Boise in general.