Thursday, April 26, 2012

Half as Much

Today is 710's birthday.

....and I've done next to nothing.  I could make dinner and dessert, but chances are we'll just go out to dinner on the weekend instead. It will be a typical Thursday at Chez Blob.  ...and that's ok.

There will be a present, but a small one. ...and it might not arrive on time. It's is currently tracked to Columbus - well, at 13:41 yesterday. If it's moved, no one at UPS has updated their system.

The renovation was our presents - for the next 12 years, so he isn't really expecting anything - unless he reads this instead of the morning paper (which he won't).

Of course the big present is me. I mean, why wouldn't it be?

I was thinking, yesterday, in the new shower, that while I won't tell you how old he is, that in his entire lifetime, he has spent more birthdays with me than without. That is kind of semi-incredible least to me.

On another birthday note, my oldest niece turned 21 two days ago? How'd that happen? Wasn't it just a few years ago I held her after she came home from the hospital?  Didn't I just attend her first birthday party - seen here?

She didn't have a rough b-day and ralph in the trash can - she just dropped some stuffed animal in there.
Where has the time gone? Whether it be my time with 710 or having my niece become legal.

Katie will get a nicer gift than 710. We'll get her a Amex gift card she can take to Italy. Oh yes, she's going to Italy and Croatia after school is out next month. I'll want her to have a good time and a little money she can use for fun.

710?  No gift card.  No Europe. No trash can.  He just gets me.

Song by: Patsy Cline


Anonymous said...

The gift that keeps on giving. Happy Birthday 710!

anne marie in philly said...

happy birthday to blobby's other half! and you are lucky to have each other!

Anonymous said...

Does that make him 7-11? My favorite convenience store.

Ur-spo said...

May there be 710 more - is that correct?

Erik Rubright said...

Happy (belated) escape from the womb remembrance day to 710!