Saturday, April 21, 2012

Big Stick

Yesterday was the day for my blood draw.  It's physical time.

I used to really really hate getting stuck for my labwork. Anymore, I don't care - it no longer bothers me.

In the last two decades, I've had so many venipunctures and IVs I no longer flinch when I have to go, let alone when they actually  get poked and bleed.

When I was young - you know, into my 20s - I had this irrational fear that I'd flex my arm and break the needle leaving it embedded there.

When I was really young - you know 12 - because of this fear, nurses and my mother would have to hold me down during blood draws just so they could get their sample.  ....and we're talking like 3-4 nurses plus mom.

I got tot he point that I could watch the tubes fill with serum once I got stuck, but would never watch the actual stick.  Now I take pictures of it while it happens. Dan Savage is right: It does get better!

Anyways, yesterday was possible the best stick ever. And no, I didn't even see it. I didn't even feel it.  I wasn't ready for it and never even knew she stuck the needle in me. Seriously.

Eight tubes of blood drained from me - and since I wasn't "donating", I didn't get a Twinkie - I got a band-aid and sent on my way.

I'll get the results during my doc appointment in two weeks. I'm not hopeful. Things had been good in the cholesterol department but my eating habits over the last few months have been horrid, as has my gym attendance.  I gotta gotta gotta get back on that train - the express, not the local.

But there was a highlight to the day. The clerk at the next desk.  I was totally perving on him while waiting to get checked-in.

The word 'swarthy' comes to mind. does the word 'stalking', but that word isn't about him.  I'm good with both.

Song by: Bruce Hornsby


Cubby said...

I didn't know pregnancy tests were so complicated ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

cubby - bwhahahahaha!

I received a pleasant surprise last month: my cholesterol level dropped 40 points from the previous year; now at 163. guess the gym and weight watchers is paying off!

and whilst I am still a chubby woman, I am working at becoming stronger and firmer and flexible. oh yeah, and 4% of my total body fat is gone too (but I can't figure out where due to above sentence)!

Morty said...

Yum - very Ben Cohen-y.

BosGuy said...

Very handsome and totally "stalk" worthy.

Ur-spo said...

I nearly always pass out when I get my blood draw, which is annoying as I get it drawn every four months or so for cholesterol etc.
I would be curious to know your cholesterol stats; for I just took a refresher course on cholesterol/TG data and exercise. There is plenty to do if anything is out of whack.

Eric Arvin said...

Swarthy, indeed! I'd like to swarth all over him.

rebecca said...

Love the jawline

Erik Rubright said...

I hate, hate, hate getting poked. Which is really ironic on several levels.

And hubba-hubba on the clerk!