Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wrap it Up

What the hell - I'm back at work and the glow of vacation has already worn off.   Damn those 280 waiting emails. Bother.

But I figured I would post a few vacation pics, both from Boston and Ogunquit.  They are just random shots with very little tying any of them together, but I will try to give brief descriptions of what is what.

I had no intention of going by "Cheers", but my cousin posted something nasty on my FB on our way to Boston that had to do with Cheers (and he didn't know we were going to Boston), so I felt obliged to respond accordingly.  I used this image in my response.
Somewhere in Boston that Mike or BosGuy could probably identify.  Waterfront.  Ferries and Fairies.  

A picture of the Bunghole t-shirt.

Not my picture.  BosGuy had read my Salem post and used it as an excuse to take a picture of a guy in a kilt in P-town got a picture to explain to me what a Bunghole is.   He was kind enough to email it to me.  : )

Believe it or not - NOT a black and white photo.  Or photo-shopped. Ogunquit marginal walkway on a rainy afternoon.

Sunrise from our porch.

Where we stayed.

Yes, there is a bar in town that has guys singing showtunes around a piano.  Apparently there is nothing like a dame.  Denton made 'fun' of me for rather wanting to do the bar than see 'tv's Peter Scolari' (as opposed to two-time Oscar winner...) do the Music Man.

I still think I was correct, Bosom Buddies be damned!

Low Tide.

High Tide.  Yes, I sang "The Tide is High" daily....what of it?

I'm kind of breaking rules.  Denton on the beach.  Or it could be anyone. You can't really tell, can you?

The Boston Public Liberry.  It was a very cool building with some great artwork displayed in it.

That's it.  Those are some of my memories and photos. But only some.

Song by:  the Eurythmics


Unknown said...

the ocean looks beautiful. I never knew what to really think about Boston, but your pictures do a pretty good job of selling it, and its bunghole....

anne marie in philly said...

"I am cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole!"

tornwordo said...

Oh how I wish we had a weekend in Ogunquit. Lovely place. And does Denton know about this transgression?

BosGuy said...

Still totally bummed about missing you.