Friday, August 26, 2011

Hotel Paper

I have nothing planned to write about.  I am totally winging it.  Seriously.  I mean, I don't even have a title image.  L-A-Z-Y.

I am just typing, hoping something comes to me.  I sit here in room 314 of the Fairfield Inn in Boise fucking Idaho.  Sorry Arnie.

Actually, I don't mind Boise. I have a good staff here. I have a good client here. I like the area, though admittedly I have not been 'downtown'.  I hate eating at chains, but after a 13-14 hour day, it's all I can do to get carry-out and eat it in my room.  Sad Sad Sad. 

Next time I will try a local place. For some reason Boise has a large Basque population.  Who knew?  So allegedly they have a number of great places to eat.  Allegedly.  I've don't even know what a Basque menu would really look like.  Spanish rice?  A little Spanish flea?

I spend part of the evening texting with Rebecca about Arrested Development.  She's a little late to that party.  Better than never.

Oh, and one day after Steve Jobs steps down - ONE DAY - my FaceTime stops working.  Denton's too.  We couldn't have our nightly face-to-face conversation, nor could he show me Sophie.  What is this world coming to?

But my flight leaves for home at 06:00.  I'll be home for the weekend and right now only one day of travel next week.  What's that about?  ....and then a holiday weekend. 

Let's see....wrap this up. I hear the music playing me off the stage.........good luck to all those in the path of Irene - you know, the asian Eileen.  My niece just moved back to college in South Carolina, but she might not be in the big path at this point. It'll be farther north, even to Maine.  Thank g-d our trip was last week. 

Song by:  Michelle Branch

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AJohnP said...

You're right about that! We're supposed to be hit pretty hard up in these parts...especially down my way. Looks like I'll be bringing in the patio furniture and holding on to Scooter tightly when we have to take him out!!
PS - your Irene comment made me ROR. ;-)