Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've Never Been to ME

Ooooh, it's video blog time.

I did not bring my MacBook Pro with me, so this was challenging to say the least.

All video was done on the iPhone, but that was no biggie.  It was the editing and uploading that proved to be the hurdle. Denton had his Mac, but the ability to use Dropbox and his iMovie was not working the way we thought it should.  I'm not saying our expectations were realistic, we just wanted what we wanted and when we wanted it.  What's so wrong with that?

So on a whim, I downloaded iMovie for iPhone.  OMG, I actually spent almost $5.00 on an app. 

It did the job, but it has its least I think it does.  The instructions are limited (at best), so I was flying by the seat of my pants.  It did what I needed it to do - not necessarily what I wanted it to do - or to the degree I wanted it to be done. 

Well, maybe when I get some time, I'll tweak as needed.  Until then - you get what you get.  I at least enjoyed doing it - and I think it shows. I hope it does.

Song by: Charlene


Anonymous said...

I love your keep it above the tits instructions. I think F. Fellini used that line frequently. Glad to see you are actually having some fun. Love the 5 easy pieces reference as well.

Ur-spo said...

you are a handsome devil!

Cubby said...

Hehe, Spo thinks you are the devil. Are you?
I'm impressed at your editing skills.

Brettcajun said...

HA! I loved the "pasty white" comment you attributed to me. ;)

brian said...

Commercial Ave. and the notch are part of my most pleasant memories.
The tide there is weird.
Plenty of room at low tide, but packed like sardines at high tide.

Birdie said...

So it's all about ME. That rocky coast looked like an ankle-twisting nightmare to walk, but it was pretty.

I've been to Bar Harbor a couple of times and just loved it. Glenn's parents lived in Presque Isle—WAY the hey up there—for ten years, and we visited often. Ayuh.

rebecca said...

You did editing! Yay! And man, does your camerman have some big feet!

BosGuy said...

Very, very cute video.