Monday, August 08, 2011

My Music Monday

Having to pick on Eurythmics song, let alone video, is like having to choose between your children. least in theory.

We all know when it comes to kids, there are bad seeds and some just are not deserving of love, equal or not.   I kid...I kid............or am I? 

Anyhoo,  either audio or video of the band varies wildly, but with usually great outcomes.  They rarely stick to a sound or a look and that worked well for them during their years together.

Because of this, it makes it tough to capture a certain aspect of them without ignoring multiple others.  Picking one doesn't make their other less valid.  Like children.

And like children, you probably DO like one more than another, if you just admitted it to yourself.

So I went through early to late Eurythmics recordings.  I was always planning on staying away from the ones like "Sweet Dreams" and "Here Comes the Rain Again".   Both are great, but you know them all too well.   I like the lesser known songs, such as "Right by Your Side" along with its great Caribbean beat and that was almost the pick.

It really came down to two - and they are interrelated.   Actually, there are many more that are - all from what I think is their best disk: Savage.

Most of the videos from Savage (and there is one for every song - some harder to find than others), have a story line of repressed housewife who lets an inner-personality take over.  I almost went with "Beethoven (I Love to Listen to)" mostly just for the incredible vocal layers that are there.

I did end up going with what I think the breakthrough of Annie Lennox's character comes to - letting it all loose in, "I Need a Man".   She might be drunk.  She might just be free.  Hell, she might be a drag queen.  But it works.

It doesn't hurt that it is a great song!  24 years later {oy}, it still is on rotation on my iPods.  Rocking and sing-a-long.  What's better?

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Anonymous said...

Those are probably my two favorites both songs and videos. Good choice.