Monday, August 15, 2011

My Music Monday

If you don't know, or know of, the "band" The The, I'd like to think you should check them out.  But of course, that is just me.

Band is quotes because, while there have been past members and are occasional players here and there, The The essentially consists of one person: Matt Johnson.

Talented, no doubt, but as Krusty the Clown once might have said: "angry.....angry young man".  But that anger works for his music.  It's not all loud and aggressive, but it can be.  Check out "Infected" sometime.  

Yet he uses his music to address social issues and injustices as he sees them - and for a lot of the time, it least for me. 

My choice this week the song "Heartland".  While it's clearly not a pro-U.S.A. song, it's meant more of a slam to the U.K. for becoming the 51st state of the U.S.   Also, keep in mind this is the time of Thatcher and her close association to Reagan.  Yes, this was released in 1986 and Johnson was not too happy with the state of affairs. 

But he does it nicely with tinkling of the ivories, some good harmony and his deep, rich voice.  This is one of these songs where I suggest listening to the lyrics, but I'm always a lyrics guy anyways. 

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