Monday, February 28, 2011

My Music Monday

This week's pick? Blondie.

In 1979, Blondie came out with is what is probably the first video album. With the release of Eat to the Beat, they recorded a video for each and every track on the album.

Since, at the time, I believe it was only released on laser disk, and well, I knew of no one who owned a player, I didn't see most of the videos for years and years.

With the remaster of the CD a few years ago and the advent of DVD, the label combined them and released a audio/video version. I snapped it up.

Keep in mind the original release date - at least two years before MTV. There is nothing high quality about any of the videos......not really. Almost all of them were recorded in the same corrugated tin warehouse and seemingly on the same day.

I struggled with which track to choose, as it is one of my all time favourite albums. And yeah, it would have been easy to go with "Dreaming", and I love the song "Slow Motion", but I am going with "Union City Blue".

Shot outdoors, and Debbie Harry "playing" guitar. But I do love the song.

Sorry if you are forced to sit through some YouTube advertisement.


Anonymous said...

I remember this album well. Blondie released 5 albums in less than 3 years during this period. “Slow Motion” was going to be released as the final single – but then “Call Me” became an unexpected hit for the movie “American Gigolo” so they scrapped releasing “Slow Motion”. The mainstream will never know how cool that song is. ;)

Jonny said...

Blondie must be getting ready to release "Panic of Girls" in Europe based upon their tour schedule.

I agree, great album, great song, but G-d love 'em, they never were very good at making music videos.