Monday, February 14, 2011

My Music Monday

I've opted to combine a Valentine's post along with My Music Monday. I'm not sure VD is important enough to interrupt the M3 segment.

But to make it a themed post, I went through all the songs in my iTunes liberry that had 'heart' or 'valentine' in them. I almost went with a selection with the former, but went with the latter.

I only have three - three! - with that V word. ...and yes, one is "My Funny Valentine". Shocker, huh?

Since about 1985, I've been a big fan of Rickie Lee Jones' live version that is only available on her EP, Girl at Her Volcano. While I have (or had) that on vinyl, I think it's only available via import on CD.

While the video is similar to the record version, it's clearly not from the same performance. Feel free to skip the first minute of set-up for the song - it is just a guy tinkling on the ivories.

Oh, and cuz I'm in a Valentine's mood, I'll give you a shot of me, from a few years ago. You've seen a similar shot from years back, and it's from the same red hot photo session. Me modeling a t-shirt that Rebecca (don't bother going to the link, she hasn't updated in months or years!), sent to me.

I think I grew and keep my beard to cover up part of my jowls. I'd like to say that when this was taken back in 2009, I was heavier - and I was - but the pudge in my face is still there. They don't make a Nautilus machine to work on that. I think that is called: diet.


Ur-spo said...

Happy VD, you dear and handsome man.

Cubby said...

Happy VD Blobby.

A Lewis said...

Pudge. Pudge.?? I like that word...only it doesn't really apply to you.

As for the song, I remember it from Junior High...when the 9th grade choir did it. But I was only in 7th grade and couldn't perform with them. I was jealous.

Brettcajun said...

You look fine boo... BIG HUG. Happy Valentines Day!

Greg said...

Great shirt! Happy Valentine's Day!

anne marie in philly said...

happy valentine's day!

the train on your shirt reminds me of the one from the old "soul train" tv show.

and you don't change with the passing years.

Mike said...

It's a great photo...but can't help but notice....was it taken in the bathroom? Aren't those sliding shower doors behind you? Just sayin...

rebecca said...

lol I looked at this quick and thought, Wish I'D sent him that!!!
But I DID!!!!