Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Like the Weather

I am so over Winter.

I feel like I have written that before. Possibly several times before. And that is just this year, forget the other umpteen years of blogging.

All that ice build-up we have had over the last few months, finally melted away with a few days of above 40 temps. Well, the slightly warmer weather and a bunch of ice chipping and scraping. And it is almost all back in the course of six hours. Lovely. Not to mention the grass we had all week is not covered with a few inches of snow, and possibly another 2-8", depending on which weather channel you listen to.


Naturally, this always happens when I have a client meeting that needs air travel to get to them. It won't help air-traffic matters much that Obama is coming to town today too. Stupid frickin' restricted air space.

At least where I'm going will be in the mid to upper 50s. I can't guarantee what it will be like upon my return, but first things first - I have to get out of town before I get back into it.

Song by: Suzy Bogguss


Cubby said...

My mother in law called us last night, teeth chattering, to tell us ice brought down the electric lines all over Bay Village. They got it back after 15 hours. Apparently you didn't lose yours, so that's good.

Have fun traveling.

BosGuy said...

I feel your pain. Boston has had a tough winter too. Fortunately, most of our snow is gone, although its brutally cold here and it looks like it will remain miserable for the time being.

Does misery enjoy company?

A Lewis said...

Umpteen. That's a lot...right??

tornwordo said...

This winter has been especially difficult. Thankfully that last one passed south of us.

rebecca said...

Darling you need a vacation. For Christ's sake you have no children and money to burn; why aren't you in Tahiti???