Thursday, February 03, 2011

Motherly Bluster

As expected, we awoke to ice.

The forecast was for an inch of ice and allegedly it was only 0.7" of ice, so they were way off!

But it was slick, as ice normally is. I guess I mean, there was no traction at all, like the driveway had been Zamboni'd. Yes, it's a verb.

I got to take out the trash at about 06:00. Given that a year ago I fall down and go boom on the drive, with no one around, it was probably foolish of me to do this when Denton didn't know where I was - since he was still in bed.

Naturally, I didn't think of this until I was halfway down the drive with a bag of trash in each hand. Yes, my cousin will tell you we have a relatively flat drive, but that is until you get to the end of it. Then it's just this decline to the street and once I hit that, I just let Sir Isaac Newton's law do all the work. All I had to do was balance myself.

I didn't fall, I just didn't need to walk anymore to get to the street - not that I wanted to go that far. I really had little option.

Getting back up that little incline was a challenge too.....and I got to do it for another round of crud to put out at the street. But no falls.

Our ice wasn't as bad as Morty and Dith's in Columbus. Downed trees, no power and such. But still, I had already opted to work from home. Denton did not, but had little trouble getting to work.

06:00 was 41 degrees! But then an hour later it was 28, then 22. So the rain and ice then became snow and ice. Then the snow became blustery snow. See?

It was a good day to stay home, but I will attempt the gym and the office this morning. I like not leaving the house, or my sweats on days like these, but I feel like I'm not apart of the land of the living.

Sophie likes having me home though.

Song by: Ghost


brian said...

Today finds me venturing out as well.
Good luck to us all.
Remember,take it slow and easy.
When will all this end?

Birdie said...

Blustery here in Albuquerque with little snow but subzero temps. I dream of Florida, where I'm heading on Saturday, but I'm afraid this low will follow me.

Cubby said...

There are still 23,000 homes without electricity here in Dayton tonight, 48 hours after the lights went out. I guess this storm was more severe than I first thought.

Ur-spo said...

Are you out yet?